Hope through tears?

Today, I cried. You might laugh at this line, but it actually means a lot. I don’t cry a lot. I cried at my grandfather’s funeral. I cried when one of the most important people in my life left this country to go back home. I cried when Germany was eliminated in the world cup. But generally, I don’t cry. I’m sad, I get emotional, but I don’t cry. If you see tears streaming down my face, God must have had a say in it. As I said, today I cried. I was listening to a song I had heard a thousand times already. Pink’s “Dear Mr President”. A song I always admired for its criticism and passion, but also a song that never made me cry. Today, it did. I was watching a live performance on youtube. It didn’t really take long and I started crying. The song seemed to take on a whole new meaning for me. It was as if I suddenly internalized all the bad and ugly things going on around the globe. Poverty, crime, sadness, despair. The struggle of people to stay alive one day at a time. Something that shouldn’t be happening, a threat that mankind imposed on God’s creation. I truly believe I was having a revelation today. A moment when things I already knew were suddenly realized by my limited mind. A moment where I just couldn’t take it anymore. A hopeless moment?

Certainly not. I’ve spent enough time lately thinking about hope. About a way out of the misery that rules this planet. About possibilities for people like me to make a difference. If only a fraction of us decides to use their God-given talents and gifts to help the underpriviledged, the poor, the weak… this planet would be rapidly changing. It’s time to make those tears come to use. Nobody’s better of if I wet the carpet of my student room. God’s blessed me with a good amount of talents; it’s time to pay back and use them to push others above the poverty line and change their life. I believe that making a difference is possible for single human beings. All it takes is some faith… and the tears of frustration and comprehension that mark the beginning of every journey. Cry, people. Cry some more about the world’s misery. Use the energy it sets free to make a difference… and you will see that crying can mark the beginning of a hopeful future.

Hoffnung means hope…


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