In the morning, in suits, in a new town…

At 1.22 am, I’m home again, after crossing the Maas river and watching the beautiful black of the flowing water crawling upnorth in direction of Nijmegen, Den Bosch, the North Sea… the view over the river gets me every time, and I can’t help but stop and watch for a couple of minutes… the river seems to symbolize my hopes and dreams of the last couple of months like nothing else. It’s taking the same journey I used to take every Friday; from Maastricht to Nijmegen, winding through Limburg and eventually entering Gelderland, always near the railroad tracks, during day and night, rainy and stormy weather, summer and winter… and while the Maas has done so for centuries, I have only done so for half a year. My UNL time is over for now, even though it seems like I’ll be back to that rythm only a short 12 months from now. For now, however, a new generation has begun… the first local selection rounds were taking place today, and Maastricht’s right at the centre of it. In a couple of weeks, about 30 young and ambitious people will stand at the same point I was standing a year ago, the first step towards one of the most important semesters of their lives, an experience that might change their lives just as it changed mine. UNL has so much to give to that next generation of “delegates”… inspiration, experience, education, and most importantly, the people they’ll meet… after all, it’s the people you meet. For me, it was the people I met. The people I met…

The people I met. Her.

Hoffnung means hope…


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