Raindrops patter on the roof terrace of Hoogbrugstraat 40
listen closely, they’re telling a story
of the vagrant life they lead, out there in the dark
from heaven to earth, and back again, in cycles
sometimes salty, like tears. Sometimes sour
but always fluid, always water
changing the face of the earth, taking their time

Lightning lights up the dark streets around Hoogbrugstraat 40
look closely, it’s painting a picture
about strength, might and energy, bundled in a flash
from heaven to earth, as fast as possible
sometimes nearby, painfully bright. Sometimes distant
but always charging, always power
changing the face of the earth, within an instant

Gusts joggle the windows of Hoogbrugstraat 40
pay attention, they’re singing a song
of fury and rage, fueled by frustration
between heaven and earth, knowing no boundaries
mostly unfriendly, like bitterness and hate. Sometimes refreshing
but always fleeting, always wind
changing the face of the earth, if only for a while

Silence has come back to Hoogbrugstraat 40
go back to sleep now, it’s calming you down
peaceful and quiet, lulling and still
heaven on earth, if you chose to believe
always soothing, like faith, love and hope. Always dulcet
but never disruptive, never brute
changing the face of the earth, one person at a time

Hoffnung means hope…


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