Songs to listen to on your way from Amsterdam to Maastricht – Part II

Okay, so this time it was only Eindhoven. No changing the facts. Luka Bloom was performing this song live during the Naked Song Festival where I also got to enjoy Teitur’s magical performance. I rushed to acquire all Luka Bloom CDs I could possibly get and carried this one around in my head for the last couple of days. Brilliant song, brilliant singer, brilliant feeling just listening… geweldig.

Luka Bloom – Sunny Sailor Boy

On a day of days
I stood and gazed
Over the western sea
Startled and struck,
Frightened to look
When a mermaid called to me

Ooh-wah Ooh-wah
Ooh-wah Ooh-wah
My sunny sailor boy

Like a man in a dream,
For an age it seemed
I stood as still as a stone
While the mermaid sang
And her melody rang
Like a memory calling me home

Then the sea and the wind
And the shores did spin
Though my resistance was strong
All the stars in space
Filled the mermaid’s face
She captured my will with her song

Somehow I spoke,
The enchantment broke
I rubbed my eyes open wide
Like a dream she was gone
What remained was a song
Borne on the ebbing tide

Ooh-wah Ooh-wah
Ooh-wah Ooh-wah
My sunny sailor boy

Hoffnung means hope…


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