Your fist against poverty…

Just like last week, the G8 summit and the commotion around it drives me mad and brings me close to my boiling point. I still can’t believe how a couple of protestors, bathing in the tub of humanity & claiming to be “anti-G8”, can stir up a nation, provoke security measures that remind the Heiligendamm inhabitants of times almost 20 years ago and rip apart an inner city infrastructure just to be able to destroy. 1000 injured Sunday night alone, during violent streetfights of so-called “autonomous” left-wing protestors and clearly overstrained police agents in Rostock’s inner city. The G8 agenda: unkown to many Germans, due to the domination of the news media by reports and stories about security measures, violent clashes, fences, barbed-wire. Unbelievable. How an organised block of violent autonomous rowdies (“organized” and “autonomous” should be an oxymoron already) can actually make a difference in fighting world poverty and preventing climate catastrophe, I do not know. Neither do they, I guess. But hey, let’s give it a shot anyways… maybe Hu Jintao will be impressed by flying bottles and spontaneously join the anti-G8 demonstrations. I head things are going great for him these days anyways. Or, even better: Dubya and Vladimir will personally confess how these arguements have convinced them to radically change their political preferences, making the world a better starting today. Hmph. Let’s face it, there’s too much at stake this week. Let’s all pray that some brains may rain down on the mummed mob.

Hoffnung means hope…

UPDATE: Here’s a little overview on how exactly the weekend looked like. Disgusting.


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