Buy me some unconditional love

You can buy unconditional love in Shanghai these days. It’s as easy as walking into a supermarket and paying with your credit card. There’s hope at the horizon for all those deprived of the affectionate surrounding of love, friendship, and shelter. Additionally, while you’re at it, why not get a flacon of empathy or an injection of collective consciousness? Certainly, everyone appreciates a bottle of good vibes, if all else doesn’t sound appealing. One way or the other, finally there’s a way to buy the immaterial. At the FLOWmarket, you can shop the unshoppable. The project of a Danish designer actually stocks transparent bottles of air or water, neatly etiquetted and stocked in grey aluminum boxes, representing the many things in life so many people wish for these days. The permament store in Copenhagen, Denmark, is actually drawing black numbers. The temporary store in Shanghai (closes June 23rd) is at least sparking some interesting discussions. Is it ironic that such a store should temporarily be opened in one of the fastest growing business metropolis of the world? A city of ever-rising consumerism,  the very symbol of capitalism in the heartland of the last big communist nation on earth? I won’t go as far as saying there’s a message the designer is trying to convey – but if he does, he’s being quite subtle about it. In any case, he could just be trying to make money – a motive way to banal for a project like the FLOWmarket. A project claiming to raise awareness for global problems. A project claiming to have a vision. A project claiming to ask questions. As I virtually walk through the webshop on the FLOWmarket’s homepage, I recognize a lot of familiar phrases. The “get-people-to-think” part definitely works. Would I actually buy a 5kg bucket of sustainable innovation? Probably not. Give me some time to let it think.

Unconditional Love

Hoffnung means hope…


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