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King of Kings, Lord of Lords (2)

In the nights lift up your hands to the holy places, and bless ye the Lord. (Ps 133:2 DR, 134:2 NAB)

Note: It could, of course, be argued, that the municipal stadium in Sydney does not constitute a “holy place” in the sense of the Psalm, but you get my drift.

Hoffnung means hope…


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You have shown me how to love
Though I’ve failed to recognize
My heart longs to know You again
To give You all that I am

When you call me by name
You touch the very heart of me
I want to fall at your feet
It is there that I find my peace…

For some odd reasons, songs entitled “Forgiven” have largely fallen under the domain of our Protestant brothers and sisters. I say largely, not entirely, because the so-titled song by Critical Mass has worked it’s way up on my playlist and is by far one of my favourites.

Hoffnung means hope…

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