In Manus Tuas

I sometimes wonder why I am doing certain things. I take decisions that I regret, and I face decisions where I know I’ll regret, no matter what I choose. How come? I guess I lack trust. And prayer.

The Lord, who keeps my face inscribed in the palm of His hand, is like the sign in the woods, hidden behind trees and bushes. All it takes is a little effort of mine to discover the sign and see where it points me. It would solve a lot of problems and give me the certainty that I won’t make the wrong choice.

So whenever I face a crossroad, I know the sign is somewhere. Sometimes it is clear to see, sometimes it is hidden behind bushes, but I know it is there. That’s faith.

Why then, do I not take the time to search for the sign before I take either way?

Lord, please give me the patience to pray and discern. Let me be guided by You who points me in the right direction at every moment of my life.

Hoffnung means hope…


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